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Essential Safety Tips for Nighttime Boating

If you own a boat (or better yet, as the joke goes, you know someone who does), you've probably thought about spending some evenings on the water – especially in the summertime. It's a great thought, of course. But,...

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Getting Your Boat Out of Storage and Into the Water

Spring is here, and you’re ready to get out on the water. But is your boat ready? Even if you’ve kept it properly stored for the winter and protected from the elements, there are still a number of things you need to do...

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Understanding Different Aspects of Car Insurance

Auto insurance brokerage companies use a lot of terms that are specific to the industry. Sometimes that can make it difficult for drivers to comprehend precisely what's happening with their policies. Fortunately, it isn'...

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Spring Into Home Maintenance Mode in California

Spring is a time for rejuvenation, and, as the weather gets warmer here in San Diego, California, the days grow longer, there's a positive energy in the air. Many people decide it's the perfect time for reorganizing and...

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Reasons Why You Must Invest in Health Insurance

Many younger people believe that health insurance coverage purchased through their employer is enough to cover all their medical expenses and protect them from financial ruin. However, if you become seriously ill or are...

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Home Security Technology: Keeping you ahead of the burglars

Back in the early days of home security “systems,” around the end of World War I, it was common for homeowners to hire “door shakers”-night watchmen who would literally walk around and check doors to make sure they were...

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Tips for Parents to Insure Teenage Drivers

There comes a time when your teenage child becomes eligible to drive, and he or she no longer needs you as a chauffeur. However, before handing them your car keys, you need to consider the impact a teenage driver will...

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