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4 Reasons Why You Need Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance California

While riding a motorcycle can be fun, it can also be quite dangerous. It can be difficult for larger vehicles to see this smaller machine, and you have much less protection if you get into an accident. Whether you get injured or your motorcycle gets damaged, you could be left with significant bills to pay. Motorcycle insurance will provide assistance should one of these unfortunate situations happen to you. Here are four reasons why you need motorcycle insurance.

Medical Bills for Injuries

When riding a motorcycle, there isn’t much between you and the ground. In most vehicles, there are a large number of safety features, such as airbags, that may keep you from getting injured. If a motorcyclist gets into an accident, they’re likely going to hit the ground hard. This could result in serious injuries. As you might expect, getting treatment at a hospital can be quite expensive. This could result in medical bills that you’re not prepared to pay. Motorcycle insurance will help to cover the medical bills that you receive from an accident while riding.

Property Damage

A motorcycle will usually be the smallest vehicle on the road. Cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs have a significant amount of protection around the body of the vehicle while a motorcycle has none. If you get into an accident with a larger vehicle, they may suffer minimal damage while your bike could be destroyed. Additionally, a motorcycle is more difficult to protect from theft or vandalism than vehicles that have doors and a locking mechanism. Motorcycle insurance will help to cover any damage caused by an accident or other losses to the bike.

Bodily Injuries to Others

When a motorcycle is involved in a multi-vehicle accident, the bike and its rider will usually suffer the most damage. But this may not be the only type of collision a motorcyclist gets into. It can be difficult to anticipate the actions of others. Even if you drive safely, you could end up hitting a pedestrian or a bicycle. In these cases, it will be the other person that suffers the most damage. Liability insurance will help to cover any damage caused to other people. This will help you avoid having to pay any massive liability charges out of pocket.

Motorcycle Insurance California

Collision Protection

While you may be a safe rider, it can be difficult to anticipate what other drivers are going to do. Even though a motorcycle is usually the smallest vehicle on a street, it still has the ability to cause some damage. If a motorcyclist gets into a collision with another vehicle and is deemed to be at fault, collision coverage will help protect the rider. You may think that there is a small chance of this happening, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Failure to have collision coverage could result in a large bill to pay in the future.

There are a number of situations that could occur while riding a motorcycle that could result in expensive bills. Whether it’s an injury or property damage, motorcycle insurance will ensure that you’re protected. This could result in you paying thousands of dollars less out of pocket than you would if you were uninsured. Contact California Brokerage Associates if you’re in need of a broker for motorcycle insurance in California. Click here for the Motorcycle quote or call (619) 283-9999.