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Planning an RV Trip? We've Got You Covered!

Taking a road trip on an RV this summer? Whether your adventure takes you to destinations near or far, the experience is an exciting one. With this in mind, California Brokerage Insurance Associates wants you and your family to acquire the most out of your travel needs.

Common travel tips

  • Have a plan. RV travel not only offers comfort and flexiblity, but also gives you the freedom necessary to navigate just about anywhere! However, losing your way can be quite frustrating. Taking a map or utilizing a GPS can be quite helpful in reducing the stress of getting lost. 


  • Pack appropriately. Packing the things you need for your trip doesn't have to be a stressful task. We all have experienced moments where we've forgotten to bring our most needed items. Nonetheless, purchasing the items you forgot to pack can add up, and be quite costly. To prevent this, create a packing list, which not only includes clothes and toiletries, but also your favorite entertainment needs, such as music CD's, DVD's, etc. For the kids, don't forget their favorite games and portable electronics to keep them engaged.   


  • Be Prepared. Have a first-aid kit handy that is easily accessible should you have an incident. Also, bring necessary tools needed for small repairs.


  • Limit your driving. Allow yourself plenty of rest time and don't overdo the driving. Being at the driver's seat of an RV can take much energy out of you, especially when driving across country, so make sure you get the needed rest for added safety.

Want to bring your car?

Taking a car along with your RV adds flexibility to your vacation. However, driving can be more stressful. If you consider taking your car, these three options can be helpful in making a sound decision. Visit

  • A trailer: This option allows you to raise the car off the ground. Although, this route is generally more costly, this alternative minimizes vehicle wear and tear.


  • A tow dolly: The tow dolly elevates the vehicles front wheels off the ground. This advantage is useful if you are unable to tow your car with all wheels down. This choice is easily used for front-wheel drive vehicles without requiring another device to make it towable.


  • A tow bar: The most popular and convenient choice. The biggest advantage of this option is that it requires the least amount of equipment, and is usually inexpensive. The tow bar also uses less space. Remember to review the manufacturer's recommendations because not all cars can be towed with four wheels grounded. 

Where to stay: If you're in need of a campground or RV park in your area and beyond, you're in luck! The options are clearly endless. To obtain information on park quality and safety, check out the online resources provided below:

Wherever you stay, be aware and take precautionary steps to prevent crime. RV's can be alluring targets for thieves, because they normally contain more valuables than cars. When away from your RV, always lock your doors and keep valuables in a secure place.

Keep in mind that if you're parked in a non-camping lot, park in well lit areas. Always have your door facing the light and if possible, make all shopping and fuel stops during the day. 

You're summer RV adventure awaits. We wish you smooth and safe travels.

We are here for you, and can help you get the right insurance coverage for your RV and more. For further information, contact us at or 619-283-9999