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Everything about Camper Trailer Insurance

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Your camp trailer is a great way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors while still having some of the luxuries of home. Travel trailers, like any other automobile, require insurance, so if you’re new to trailer ownership or are looking to change your policy and find the cheapest travel trailer insurance in California, here are some things you should know about travel trailer insurance.

Types of Coverage

The main types of trailer insurance are similar to other types of vehicle insurance. There’s liability-only coverage and comprehensive coverage. Liability coverage is mandatory like auto insurance and is mostly meant to pay for damage you cause to someone else’s property. If an accident is your fault and you only have liability insurance, the policy will only pay for the other person’s damage, not damage to your trailer.

Comprehensive coverage covers your trailer again all types of damage. This includes theft, falling objects, hail damage, fire, and vandalism. Collision coverage would cover any damage caused by another vehicle or from hitting something in the road, like a deer.  Comprehensive and collision coverage isn’t mandatory, but without this coverage you risk losing a lot of money, so many people choose to add this to their policy.

Primary Use of Trailer

Another thing to think about when looking for trailer insurance is the primary use of your trailer. If you typically use your trailer for vacations and still have a different primary residence, then you’ll have a specific policy for the trailer that’s more like an automobile policy. However, if you permanently live in your trailer, either while traveling around the country, or you leave it parked, there are other types of policies that are more like a homeowner’s insurance policy.

When you’re talking with an insurance broker about getting a policy, it’s important to be clear about how you’ll be using your trailer. Failing to do so can prevent you from getting the coverage you need, which can be disastrous if something happens.

Additional Coverage to Consider

When you’re looking for a policy, be sure to think about additional coverage options that will be beneficial for you. In most cases, adding a little extra protection won’t cost you much and will be well worth it in the event of a claim. For instance, you can choose to get full replacement cost coverage or actual value coverage. Full replacement coverage would allow you to purchase a new trailer rather than receiving the value of your depreciated trailer.

Bodily injury, coverage for personal effects, and roadside assistance are other additional factors you should consider. Roadside assistance turns out to be valuable coverage for many trailer owners because towing a trailer can be very expensive, but coverage for towing can be just a few dollars per year.

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Saving Money on Insurance

One of the best ways to save money on your trailer insurance is to get quotes from numerous companies. Although you can go to individual company websites to obtain quotes, one of the best ways to get multiple quotes is to contact an insurance broker. These brokers work with multiple companies and will make sure they understand exactly what your needs are and work with insurance companies to get you the best policy for the money.

Like automobile insurance, you’ll get a better rate with a good driving record and credit score, but you may be able to get additional discounts by bundling policies or garaging your trailer. Contact California Brokerage Associates to get your trailer policy today.