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What Does Accident Insurance Cover?

California Brokerage Insurance Associates Accident Insurance

There are plenty of auto insurance brokerage companies in San Diego, CA, that are happy to help you stay protected, but auto coverage doesn't safeguard you against every possible accident. Many people are already familiar with health insurance, disability insurance, and auto insurance. As a result, they may make the common mistake of believing everything is already handled by the coverage they have.

Accident Insurance is Complementary Coverage

Accident insurance complements both health care and disability insurance. Disability generally only provides assistance if the injury would prevent you from returning to work. This is the key focus of disability insurance. However, not all accidents or injuries prevent you from going back to work, although the results of an injury may impact your quality of life and function for many months or even years. With accident insurance, you have protection in place even if the injury you sustain doesn't stop you from going back to work.

While health insurance is definitely great to have, it doesn't necessarily provide assistance with all of your needs. Most health insurance programs cover doctor visits and may take care of common medications, but will it aid you with physical therapy? What about outpatient care? Accident insurance complements health insurance by filling in some of the gaps that are frequently not found in health insurance plans.

Accident Insurance Injury Coverage

Most injuries that could be suffered due to an accident are covered by accident insurance. However, you should consult the details of your plan. If the injury isn't specifically covered under your accident insurance program, you won't receive any payout from the insurance company. If you work in a field that commonly sees specific injuries or accidents occur, you should take those into consideration while reviewing accident insurance policies.

Fortunately, the range typically tends to be quite broad. Everything from dislocating your wrist or shoulder to becoming quadriplegic may qualify under an accident insurance plan. Burns are usually included as well. In fact, practically every bone that can be fractured will be detailed within a given accident insurance program. The sheer volume of information can be a bit overwhelming, but it's always best to be thorough.

Eligibility and Value

Eligibility varies from one insurance plan to another. if you're young and healthy, you shouldn't have any problem qualifying. However, certain occupations are considered to be at greater risk than others. Be sure to shop around and see what's offered. Although accident insurance providers try to be competitive, you could find that some are more comprehensive than others.

While you'll find that the payout for injuries under accident insurance aren't massive, they're often more than sufficient to complement your health insurance or disability coverage. Accident insurance frequently pays in the hundreds or thousands for particular injuries, but the monthly premiums also tend to be quite low. You often spend only a few dollars a month for accident insurance. So although you won't be seeing large, six-figure benefits, you don't pay much upfront in premiums either. For most people, this makes accident insurance more than worth the cost.

It's usually not recommended that you take accident insurance on its own. Accident insurance is designed to partner with other coverage, so you can cover your deductible and receive aid from other insurance programs. If you'd like to learn more, you should speak with the best insurance brokers in San Diego. The experienced team at California Brokerage Associates would be happy to help. Give us a call today (619) 283-9999.