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Tips for Parents to Insure Teenage Drivers

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There comes a time when your teenage child becomes eligible to drive, and he or she no longer needs you as a chauffeur. However, before handing them your car keys, you need to consider the impact a teenage driver will have on your car insurance.

Your child doesn't have a driving record that the insurance company will use to determine what rates to quote. Thus, the best thing to do is work hand-in-hand with your child to teach them to avoid traffic violations and become safe drivers. At California Brokerage, we understand how tough this can be, and we have outlined some tips to help you insure your teenage driver and get the best commercial auto insurance companies in California.

1. Understand State Laws Related to Teenage Drivers

The law appertaining drivers under the age of 21 may vary between states. Know when the child can drive and who can be in the car with them. Understanding your state law is essential, as you will ensure your child does not break them.

2. Driver Education

You may be the best driving instructor for your child but it is important to let your child take driver education from the relevant driving schools. In fact, it could be interesting to note that some insurance carriers offer some auto insurance discounts if the young driver has undergone driver education classes.

3. Teaching Your Teenager to Avoid Distracted Driving

Many accidents happen due to distractions while driving. Some distractions include listening to loud music, using the phone, or even talking with other passengers. Before authorizing your child to use your car, talk to him or her about these distractions to avoid accidents or file any claims. Doing so will even lower your commercial auto insurance quotes in California.

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4. Teach them to Drive Defensively

The best way for your child to be safer on the road is teaching them to assume that all other drivers are ‘bad,’ so that he or she can be more cautious while on the road.

5. Add a Young Driver to Your Policy

Most parents make the mistake of assuming that their child will automatically be covered without having to adjust their policy. This is entirely wrong. Call your insurance company before letting your young driver behind the wheel of your car. At this point, it is important to consider an insurance policy that will provide optimal coverage for your family. Commercial auto insurance brokers in California will come in handy in connecting you to the right insurance company for the coverage you need.

6. Focus on Good Grades

Some insurance companies offer discounts on their premiums for student drivers who have excelled in their driving education class. This can act as an incentive for your young driver to perform better.

7. Account for Relocation

If your young driver has to go away for some time, maybe for schooling, then you need to notify your carrier to reduce the rates, as your child will not be driving your car often.

8. A Teenager Living at Home Driving Your Car

As long as your young driver is living at home and using your car, he or she can stay on your policy. Once they buy their own car, then they can get their own auto insurance in California.

9. Make a Comparison Every Year

If you pass a year without filing any claims and having a ticket free driving record, you are entitled to pay less on your auto insurance. Ensure that your teenage driver knows this so that you get this privilege.

Above all, ensure that your child understands all the traffic rules and the importance of not breaking them. California Brokerage connects companies and individual insurance companies for different types of policies such as personal auto insurance, especially teenagers and  commercial auto insurance in California. Contact us to today 619-283-9999 and learn more.