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Stay Healthy This Winter Season

The number one priority during the winter months is maintaining your family's overall health. San Diego, California has its share of cooler than normal temperatures. The weather could certainly attract potential illnesses, such as the cold or flu virus that could immediately take a toll on your health, and land you in bed or the hospital.

The risk factors are there, so why not face them head on by taking the necessary preparations to help you and your loved ones safely through the harsh winter season. California Brokerage Insurance Associates hope for a joyous, and abundantly healthy season. These tips should serve to help you stay active and thrive!

  • Consider the Flu Shot. Flu shots are a viable option, and are readily available at almost every store with a pharmacy throughout San Diego county. Consult with your doctor before considering the flu shot for your family.
  • Prioritize Sleep. Face it, we don't get enough sleep. Make sleeping a priority, whether it's taking a short nap or getting to bed early. Sleep is the critical key to staying healthy and maintaining our well being.
  • Keep a well Stocked Fridge. Take inventory and evaluate the food items, which contribute to the preparation of well balanced meals. Focus on fruit, vegetables, nuts, lean meats and low calorie snacks.
  • Stay Active. Don't let the cold weather keep you from being active. Body activity is important for increased energy and peace of mind. Join an aerobics, yoga or dance class. Visit the gym, go for a run or take a peaceful walk. Whatever activity you fancy, remember to just do it!

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