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5 Common Myths about Life Insurance

Life insurance

Are you thinking about life insurance? While no one wants to talk death, everyone needs to have protection for their family in the event of something untimely happening. As you begin to gather life insurance quotes in California, it’s important to be able to separate myths from facts to get the best coverage possible.

Your Employer’s Policy Is Enough

Life insurance from your employer is certainly not enough considered that most of these policies only pay-out 1-2 year of your annual salary. Independently bought policies often payout up to 6x your salary and include money that covers things like bonuses, commission, cost of living, and second incomes.

Also, what happens if you leave your job? Most employer policies only cover current employees, which means you won’t have this coverage if you leave the company.

Only the Breadwinner Needs Life Insurance Coverage

In many households, especially households where one person stays home to take care of the children, it’s often believed that life insurance is only for the “breadwinner.” However, take a moment to think how life would change if something happened to the stay-at-home-spouse? You’d likely need money to pay for childcare and money to help your family readjust. When you’re speaking with a life insurance broker in California, make sure that you have coverage for you and your spouse.

How much coverage

I Don’t Have Money for Life Insurance

This is another myth. Many people simply overestimate the cost of protection. Did you know that a recent study from Life Happens and LIMRA discovered that 80% of the survey respondents overestimated the cost of life insurance not by a couple of dollars, but by hundreds? That’s right. Many believed that a policy for a healthy 30-something would cost $1K annually when in reality the out-of-pocket cost would only be $150. If you’re holding back getting coverage because you think you can’t afford it, pick up the phone and speak with a life insurance broker in California today.

I Have Too Many Health Problems

You don’t have to be insanely healthy to get a great insurance product. There are plenty of companies that specialize in high-risk medical conditions and offer amazing coverage. Now, that doesn’t mean you won’t pay more. If you have health serious health issues, you might be required to have lower coverage limits, or you’ll need to pay more. Even so, you still have options. Don’t let your current health situation stop you from shopping for universal life insurance in California. There are life insurance policies available that aren’t even medically underwritten. This means that you can’t be turned down based on your current health issues.

The Best Life Insurance Quotes in California Are Found Online

For many people, the Internet seems to be the solution for everything. However, as an insurance broker will tell you, the Internet doesn’t actually know you. Answering a few online questions don’t get you customized coverage. You get that sort of coverage by speaking in-person with licensed brokers who treat you like a human, not an algorithm or just another paying customer.

If you’re looking for the best life insurance products, contact California Brokerage, and remember that you’re never too old or too young to get a life insurance policy.