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Homeowner Insurance

from California Brokerage Insurance Associates

Homeowner Insurance

Your home is your most valuable asset and needs protection from manmade and natural disasters. You need an insurance company that gets this fact. Unfortunately, not all homeowner insurance policies follow this plan. That’s why you need California Brokerage Insurance Associates working on your side to find San Diego home insurance that meets your needs in terms of coverage and fair pricing.

When you have the right home insurance policy, you get peace of mind and know that your belongings and home is always protected. Ask us about our umbrella insurance policy for complete coverage!

San Diego Home Insurance

Home insurance protects homeowners and renters against all types of losses that occur from vandalism, fire, theft, etc. Additionally, home insurance also protects your personal assets should you be sued by someone who was injured on your property.

As great as home insurance is, not all home insurance products are alike. Some provide sparse coverage, while other provide ample protection against all that life might through at you. At CBIA, we work with renters, homeowners, and landlords to find the best San Diego home insurance policy for you.

How much will I pay for my policy?

The total cost of coverage depends on the options you select, what you want covered, and your deductible/coverage limits. Our qualified brokers work with each person to identify the ideal amount of coverage that works within your budget.

At minimum, we recommend that all our customers have the following coverages:

  • Property or dwelling coverage to rebuild or repair the home if it is damaged.
  • Personal liability coverage to provide protection against lawsuits and other party insurance claims should the person have been injured on your property.
  • Medical coverage to pay for anyone injured on the property who is not a member of the household.
  • Additional living expenses to cover the cost of renting an apartment while the home is being repaired.
  • Protection for belongings to replace electronics, furniture, clothes, and other belongings that were damaged in the home.
  • Personal property insurance helps cover all these things and then some. Protecting the things that matter most to you, matters to us. That’s why we encourage you to talk to your agent today to discuss your specific personal property coverage needs. Discover firsthand why we’re the #1 San Diego home insurance company for condo insurance, renter insurance, and landlord insurance.