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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella policy is critical for the uninterrupted success of your business in the event of a catastrophic liability loss. In this circumstance, an umbrella insurance policy makes all the difference in your business surviving this setback.

Due to the increasing costs of judgements and lawsuits, today’s business owner must consider the ramifications of catastrophic liability losses. They can happen to any type of business, and a commercial umbrella policy protects above and beyond everyday basic liability coverage. You put time and effort into building your business. Make sure it’s well protected.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella provides coverage that exceeds beyond regular insurance liability limits. It works harder for you than your basic insurance policies. Even if you don’t think your business will be subject to a lawsuit, California Brokerage Insurance Associates still strongly recommends that your business insurance program have this essential coverage.

What is Excess Liability Coverage?

This coverage is like an umbrella for your umbrella policy. It catches the problems that fall just outside of your basic umbrella policy and often includes the terms of the original underlying insurance policy. Speak with an insurance broker to learn more about how this policy benefits your business.

Who needs Excess Liability Coverage?

Does everyone need excess coverage? Not necessarily. At CBIA, we recommend this coverage for high-profile businesses with numerous assets and sizable sales where the potential for greater loss exists. If your business has a worldwide presence and significant public exposure, consider the benefits of excess liability coverage. 

Don’t get caught without your umbrella! Give us a call and let’s discuss what type of liability coverage your business needs to protect against the unexpected.