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Travel Medical Insurance

Adventure Protection

Your irrepressible spirit of adventure isn’t sufficient to help you out when you experience a serious illness or accident while traveling abroad; you also need reliable coverage from the best travel medical insurance. That’s why California Brokerage Insurance Associates offers a variety of international travel medical insurance plans.

Protect yourself and your family while traveling overseas with travel health insurance. Discover the value and peace of mind that come with insurance protection.

  • Enjoy insurance coverage around the globe. Don’t expect to pull out your insurance card when visiting the hospital in Southeast Asia or Europe. Most hospitals and emergency rooms around the world won’t recognize your US insurance and will expect a cash payment instead. Travel health insurance is designed to reimburse you for covered expenses. This is especially important for travelers with known health issues; with travel insurance with medical conditions, you can get help anywhere around the world.
  • Protect yourself from exorbitant travel costs. If you get an attack of appendicitis while on safari in Africa or break your leg mountain climbing in Nepal, you’re going to need transportation to the nearest medical facility and, possibly, home. Travel insurance covers transportation and repatriation expenses.
  • Find reputable care. If you’re looking for a doctor in China or Peru, chances are you might need help. Your travel insurance will help connect you with reputable health providers wherever you are.
  • Protect your travel budget. Your dream vacation to Greece or Egypt might get spoiled by a health problem, but, with travel insurance, you can prevent it from being a total loss. Get reimbursed for many prepaid, nonrefundable expenses with trip cancellation benefits.

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