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Mexico Auto Insurance

Peace of Mind

Drive your car in Mexico with peace of mind when you are carefully insured by California Brokerage Insurance Associates.

Regardless of how comprehensive your US auto insurance is, you aren’t fully covered when traveling in Mexico. Mexican law doesn’t recognize auto insurance liability coverage issued by companies licensed outside of Mexico, and most US insurance companies won’t settle claims that happen south of the border. This means that, if you are involved in a serious automobile accident while driving your car in Mexico and even if it isn’t your fault, your US-based insurance company may cover the damages to your vehicle, but you’re on your own with regard to any liability claims. You may even face imprisonment in Mexico while everything gets sorted out. That’s why you need special auto insurance coverage in Mexico to ensure your protection.

Coverage You Can Trust

California Brokerage Insurance Associates is fully licensed to sell Mexican auto insurance. Our policies are underwritten by the best auto insurance companies in Mexico that have strong, stable track records for reliability. The Mexican insurers we work with will handle your claim professionally and in compliance with all Mexican laws. Mexico has over 50 auto insurance companies; our auto insurance brokerage company works only with those that are the most financially secure. We’ll make certain you have coverage you can trust.

For the best auto insurance, turn to California Brokerage Insurance Associates. We’re an experienced Mexico auto insurance broker that sells thousands of policies to customers each year. Get a no-obligation quote today.