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Health Insurance

from California Brokerage Insurance Associates

Health Insurance

We believe a happy body is a healthy body. If you’re struggling to find the right health insurance policy for you and your family, California Brokerage Insurance Associates have solutions. We know that medical treatments aren’t inexpensive. In fact, even a small procedure can cost thousands out of pocket if you don’t have adequate coverage. If you don’t have great health insurance, you could spend years paying off medical bills.

At California Brokerage Insurance Associates, we think there’s a better way. Contact us to learn more about San Diego health insurance policies designed to make healthcare affordable and effective.

Types of Health Insurance Plans in California

California residents have three major types of health insurance policies available to choose. These policies include the following:

  • Consumer-directed: A health fund set up and controlled by you to cover medical expenses.
  • Fee for service: A traditional healthcare plan that requires you to pay a fee each type you receive healthcare services. Offers more flexibility when choosing a healthcare provider.
  • Managed care: Offer lower-out-pocket costs and included manage care plans such as point-of-service (POS), health maintenance organizations (HMO), and preferred provider organizations (PPO).

All of these health plans cover hospital, surgical, and medical expenses with some covering prescriptions, dental, and mental health services. Actual benefits depend on the coverage you choose.

Understanding the ins and outs of California health insurance coverage isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re here for you. Contact us today to learn more about all available health insurance plans.