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Individual Dental & Vision Insurance

Individual Dental & Vision Insurance

Your family’s eye and oral health is an important part of your medical coverage. Unfortunately, most major health plans don’t include dental or vision insurance. In these cases, you need to contact an independent insurance agency in California to help you find affordable plans for these supplemental expenses. California Brokerage Insurance Associates is ready to help you find the more affordable vision coverage and dental insurance plans.

California Dental Insurance

Your family’s oral health is important to their overall health. In fact, many medical conditions such as heart disease have been linked to poor oral hygiene. Regular cleanings and other critical dental care keeps you and your family in the best health. The majority of dental plans offer no-cost routine cleanings and also offer a number of other benefits. To find a low-cost, high-value dental plan, contact CBIA today. We help our customers find the best individual dental insurance plans every day.

Affordable Vision Insurance

What would you do if your vision wasn’t what it should be? How would it affect your life? Regular vision care catches potential problems early so that you’re not affected by life-altering vision changes. People with vision problems often experience headaches and have problems at work and school. With routine vision care, these symptoms are lessened.

We want to help you find an affordable vision insurance package that includes the following benefits:

  • Discounted or free lenses
  • Discounted or free routine checkups
  • Discounted frames
  • Discounted or free corrective surgeries

California Brokerage Insurance Associates, is an independently owned and operated insurance company, helping California residents find outstanding dental and vision insurance plans for their budgets. Call us today and let us help you find the best coverage for your dental and vision needs.